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Top features of the new Apple Iphone 13

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Apple’s latest Iphone 13 is now on sale, with a slew of new features. It is a phone that will make you feel like you’re living in the future.

All new Iphone 13 Camera

One of the most notable upgrades to the New Apple Iphone 13 is the camera. The camera is one of the most impressive features. In fact, it’s even more advanced than its predecessor. New Iphone 13 comes with a number of settings that enable anyone to take stunning close-up photos and unbelievable shots from a long distance away, thanks to its ultra wide dual-camera with faster sensor which captures 47% more light. Providing with industries best camera architecture, they faced the lenses at a 45° angle, which will make perfect use of the best dual camera system ever. The elegant design of this phone reflects impeccable craftsmanship.

The new Apple Iphone 13 features a newer way to record videos, called Cinematic mode, this feature is inspired by cinematic techniques, where you can shift focus from one subject to another and can take advantage to fully immerse the viewer’s attention like in movies. It also creates depth control, like if you want to take pictures without capturing anything that’s behind your subject, this feature will let you change how much depth you want in your picture. Photographic styles is another new feature of Iphone 13 which creates a personal look for photographs without adding filters. These styles selectively apply adjustments to the right areas preserving skin tones . Filters would mess with skin tones and cause edits. So now, it’s all possible to have the above effects when you create videos in all new Iphone 13.

The Front Camera battles with the back camera. Apple’s new front-facing camera on the iPhone 13 delivers an unprecedented level of detail for selfies, you won’t need to go anywhere to get the perfect selfie! better-quality selfies are on their way because of a new front-facing camera design.


The new iPhone has more efficient battery that will last for longer hours than the previous iPhone. Unveiling the battery life raise up to 2.5 hours more.

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Iphone 13 is available in five shades, each with its own unique formula in Red, Starlight, Midnight, Blue and Pink. Next comes the display which is a 6.1-inch screen and weighs 173g. Its super bright OLED display, can now be seen easily in high-sunlight which can now display up to 800 nits for quality, and for HDR content it can go upto 1200 nits. The next generation of chipset the A15 Bionic spot on top of benchmarks and is more superior to the competition.

when you unbox your iphone 13, rather than being able to use the headset right away you will have to purchase one separately. All you get will only be a USB-C cable, an eject pin for your SIM card, and the iconic Apple logo sticker.

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