About me Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar Tech blogger and affiliate marketer

After many years understanding the intricacies of Tech reviews niche, I Praveen Kumar, an Engineer by Education and Profession had many diverse opinions on blogging which weighted me down to pursue this passion as a hobby. I am a gadget reviewer and a successful affiliate marketer who is good at reviewing technology that I come across. I get asked about Gadget Reviews all the time by my friends and colleagues and now I had decided to start my own blogging journey with above niche. At p4premium I will be reviewing gadgets as well as I will be sharing the best of what I see from my affiliate marketing knowledge in writing blog posts related to marketing trends, online shopping recommendations and Shopping trends with which I come across regularly. My blog posts will help readers to find the right tech products to purchase. I welcome any comments or dialogue with readers on my blog. Lets get started, P4premium: Our journey begins.

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